Accepted Full Papers

  • Localization Uncertainty Estimation for Anchor-Free Object Detection
    Youngwan Lee, Joong-Won Hwang, Hyung-Il Kim, Kimin Yun, Yongjin Kwon, Yuseok Bae, Sung Ju Hwang
  • Variational Depth Networks: Uncertainty-Aware Monocular Self-Supervised Depth Estimation
    Georgi Dikov, Joris van Vugt
  • Unsupervised Joint Image Transfer and Uncertainty Quantification using Patch Invariant Networks
    Christoph Angermann, Markus Haltmeier, Ahsan Raza Siyal
  • Uncertainty Quantification using Query-Based Object Detectors
    Meet P. Vadera, Colin Samplawski, Benjamin Marlin

Accepted Extended Abstracts

  • Identifying Out-of-Distribution Samples in Real-Time for Safety-Critical 2D Object Detection with Margin Entropy Loss
    Yannik Blei, Nicolas Jourdan, Nils Gählert
  • On the Usefulness of Deep Ensemble Diversity for Out-of-Distribution Detection
    Guoxuan Xia, Christos Bouganis
  • Lossy Image Compression with Conditional Diffusion Models
    Ruihan Yang, Stephan Mandt
  • Towards Open Set 3D Learning: A Benchmark on Object Point Clouds
    Antonio Alliegro, Francesco Cappio Borlino, Tatiana Tommasi
  • Reliable Visual Question Answering: Abstain Rather Than Answer Incorrectly
    Spencer Whitehead, Suzanne Petryk, Vedaad Shakib, Joseph E. Gonzalez, Trevor Darrell, Anna Rohrbach, Marcus Rohrbach